sympa to comment blog posts: how?

I explained why i want to use sympa to manage comments. this is the "how" (as an experiment)

create a blogcomment scenario

the idea of this scenario is you can publish in 2 cases:

  • you are a member of the list
  • you're commenting a blog post

so my /etc/sympa/scenari/send.blogcomment file is

title.gettext Blogpost comment Blogpost Comment

match([msg_header->X-Spam-Status], /^YES/)            smtp,smime,md5  -> reject,quiet 
match([msg_header->In-Reply-To], /    smtp,smime,md5  -> do_it
match([msg_header->In-Reply-To], /blog/)              smtp,smime,md5  -> do_it
is_subscriber([listname],[sender])                    smtp,smime,md5  -> do_it
true()                                                smtp,smime,md5  -> reject,quiet  

now the list itself is configured to use the blogcomment scenario. which means that you must have this in in the list root

 grep '^send' config
 send blogcomment

create posts from your webpage

what you need is add an mailto: URL with

  • the subject of the post as subject
  • a Reply-To header to please the blogcomment scenario

i use this simple script in combination with atombomb to achieve that on this site.