FOSDEM sequel: C++11, scrum, ...

Once again, i came to FOSDEM with some talks in mind, missed them and learnt a lot of new, completly different things.

Once again, FOSDEM is the echo of my internet feeds (at this point, the cultural spectrum of the people i spoke to is too large to just say we're reading the same blogs).

  • the rise of the functionnal programming for the masses
  • the rise of the "let's fire all managers" movement (coming from both scrum and open source as "working models")

The big surprise for me is a very interesting discution about the modern paradigms of C++. I realized i was acting like the "perl is dead" people: comparing C++ from nineties to the very last features of the langages i use daily: I was not unfair, just ignorant.

So i began to read the C++ posts again and seen this article pointing on Bjarne Stroustrup: C++11 Style which is a very interesting talk about what the "good C++" should be.